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Abdulla Alshehi is the Managing director & Chief Consultant and Founder of National Advisor Bureau Limited.
Graduated from Huddersfield Uni. In the United Kingdom in 2001 as Electrical & Electronics Eng.
After his graduation he embarked into an adventurous journey from London To Abu Dhabi by Road & Sea in 53 days .
Currently working in Abu Dhabi Gas Industries ( GASCO ) as Business Support section Head. Has 15 years of Rich experience on Planning & Contracts & Budget & Project management while working for GASCO.
Co Founder of the successful Geowash concept (Q2Wash) in the UAE saving millions of fresh water to the planet , Q2 currently is a Leading Environmentally Friendly Company in the UAE ;
Author of “ Filling the Empty Quarter “ Book ; part of wider Dream to Transform the Empty Quarter Desert into Green Land.
Founder of Q2 Trade; and International Trading Company Serving a Niche Market.
Founder of website & @RuwaisPulse; to Help shed a light on the Beautiful City of Ruwais.
Inventor of “ AL Maa” Technology ; related to harvesting Rain & Humidity Over Bodies of Water


Masdar City Freezone - Abu Dhabi - UAE

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Phone: +971 4 236 42 47 , +971 (50) 6677421


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