“Filling the Empty Quarter “The Dream!"

Water, sunlight, and manpower...these are really what we need to realize the vision of a Full Quarter. We have all of these things and the many technologies necessary to ensure that we can make the most out of all of that water, sunlight, and manpower available. .....

Of course, it takes vision, and I hope that some of my outside of the box solutions have inspired you to help see this dream of a blooming desert a modern reality. It is not of benefit only to the UAE, but to all humanity.

Anywhere people suffer due to climate change, the Full Desert could begin to help them survive. Anywhere bizarre new weather patterns wreak havoc on the landscape and everything inhabiting it, the Full Quarter could start to undo the underlying causes.

And terrorism...I already explained that illiteracy and lack of food are two of the main reasons for the ugly head of terrorism. Being able to supply people with food, water, and the means of a good living will help to even out the imbalance leading to so many problems in the world..

The global cooperation needed for this project to come to life will also benefit humanity as well. Working together, we can reclaim the lands of the UAE, stop desertification, bring the landscape to life, and help save ourselves along the way.

With us or without Us ; I am confident that one day the Empty Quarter will be Full!


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