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The UAE wants to build an underwater bullet train to Mumbai

Future travelers from Mumbai to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will need to pick their mode of transportation instead of just an airline if an ambitious project to connect the city of Fujairah and Mumbai by underwater train service materializes. The UAE’s National Advisor Bureau Limited has begun considering such a project and will soon seek a feasibility report.

Mumbai Fujairah Train Link
The travel time to Dubai is slightly over three hours by air and does not include the pre-flying formalities at the airport. By switching to a train, UAE hopes to shave off at least one hour of travel time, and the train can travel at speeds as high as 600 miles (1,000 km) an hour.

However, the project is not meant to serve only passengers who are averse to taking the air routes. Instead, Dubai is looking at it as a means to expand bilateral trade with India. Fujairah’s port city will export oil to India while bringing fresh water from the Narmada River to the UAE.

The distance between the two destinations is less than 1,240 miles (2,000 km), but construction in deep water is a big challenge. Initial reports also suggest that instead of lining the tunnel with opaque bricks, the project could use see-through windows to offer picturesque views of the sea and underwater life.

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